Floppie was hatched out of the idea of creating a fun and unique DIY experience that lets you personalize a simple pair of flip-flops into your own creative style

We started customizing our flip-flops as a small DIY activity and realized this is such a cool, unique way of unleashing our creative side at home and at parties.

What started out as a hobby turned into a Passion Enterprise, and Lo and Behold – Floppie is here!


We want your flip flops to see you through your craziest adventures, so we never compromise on the quality.
The material is safe, non-slippery, and highly durable so you don’t have to worry about the accessories falling off, the strap breaking out, or slipping near the pool or in the bathroom.


Our aim is to create an experience for you and your guest that goes beyond photobooths, and bouncing castles. We live in a climate where flip-flops are the number one footwear for every day wear.
Your guest will go crazy designing their very own flip flops with over 11 color soles and straps along with over 50 dazzling charms and other design accessories.
Begin planning your next event with Floppie and give your guest a party bag they will always remember.

In 3 Simple Steps

We have a Simple Customization Tool that lets you play with colors and accessories to design your own flip-flops in a process as the ABC:

A) Choose Your Strap Color
B) Choose your sole color
C) Add accessories of your favorite choice

Your design is done!
All you need to do next is wait for the delivery.